Thursday, December 5, 2013

Putting it all Together

Another mind wondering post

What I'm thinking about is putting together and understanding all the broad knowledge that we have in a wide variety of subjects and seeing if we can understand for lack of a better phrasing the "human condition".  I thinking about a single individual or small group of folks getting together and understanding in a general way the results, trends and anything else appropriate to understanding , its hard to put down in words for me, I guess in a whimsical way the status of the question "what do we know about life , the universe and everything?"    I'm just not phrasing what I really mean and as we all know to really study and understand something we have to have a definitive question.  Like the whole point of existence. What is science, literature, art, philosophy, mathematics telling us?  Putting it all together with no bias, agendas or anything like that at all.  I mean none. What is all of our knowledge saying to us as humans?

Sort of having a true polymath understanding human existence. I'm frustrated in that I don't know how to phrase the feeling that I have about this subject.  A person or group not to get lost in the trees but to truly understand the whole forest.  Stupid cliche.

Its unclear to me if this can be done at the present time.  But an attempt at it should be made.

I'm not talking about colleges, think tanks , research centers and such.  I'm thinking about putting it all together.

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