Thursday, April 17, 2014

Businesses Don't Create Jobs Customers Do

Businesses don't create jobs customers do.  That is not what you hear from any politician.  Neither Democrats or Republicans say this since they know they rely on business dollars to get elected and reelected.  Instead they say the inverse, businesses create jobs.  Think about it.  What does a business need to survive?  Customers.  No customers no business.  I'll bet if you ask anyone that opens their first business that on the night before they open their doors for the first time all they can think about is will they get customers.  Without customers they would not have any income to stay in business.

A nice article related to this is Capitalism Dirty Secret : Corporations Don't Create Jobs, They Destroy Them.
If this title scares you, here is the introduction to the article: Corporations are not working for the 99 percent. But this wasn’t always the case. In a special five-part series, William Lazonick, professor at UMass, president of the Academic-Industry Research Network, and a leading expert on the business corporation, along with journalist Ken Jacobson and AlterNet’s Lynn Parramore, will examine the foundations, history and purpose of the corporation to answer  this vital question: How can the public take control of the business corporation and make it work for the real economy?.

I thought that the article was interesting and has good points.  It talks some about the history of the 1930's and how FDR helped the US recover from the Depression. 

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