Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Discussions About the Poor in America

     What always amazes me about discussions in the media about the poor in America is that the people discussing the subject are not poor.  You have politicians talking about the poor, but they are not poor.  You have folks on the networks talking about the poor and they are not poor.  Look at the people on the Sunday morning talks shows,  they are not poor.  All of the people on the cable news channels talking talking about the poor, they are not poor.  With network people we have people making six figures salaries or more talking about the poor.  I'm sure that there has been lots of studies about the poor.  Dissertations have been written about the poor.  Who reads those?  Other people working on their dissertations.  Not the poor.   Let's have an open honest discussion about poverty in America.  No lying, no misrepresenting the facts.  Open and honest discussion.  I don't want to hear from six figure income people talking about the poor.
      Can this even happen in America?  The only place this seems to be happening nowadays are on the blogs.  A couple good places to look are Hullabaloo and Eschaton.  At least its happening somewhere in America.

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