Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Capitalism, Evolutionary Biology, Rationality and Ignorance, Part II

    This is about companies like the Koch brothers and other fossil fuel related companies pursuing policies that are detrimental to the future of mankind.  We know that the production and burning of fossil fuels emit greenhouse gases (GHG) into the air that are causing our planet's temperature to slowly rise.  When 97% of the scientists working in this area say that this is true I believe them and not companies who are contributing to this grave and present danger.  I understand that the companies want to continue what they do since that is how they make their money.  They are trying to survive in business even though it is hurting people.  They are making money hurting people.  This I don't understand.  The problem is that this hurt is not seen directly.  Its not like shooting people.  It is a long slow torture and maybe not directly affecting these destructive people but it will in their future or to future generations.  Its a long slow generational death of people, except in those instances caused by the increase in the strength of storms.  Then it can affect millions of people very quickly.  Man-made climate change is affecting humans in a negative manner and must be stopped.  It can be stopped by changing how we generate and use energy.

     Not only do people like the Koch brothers pursue the growth of fossil fuel they try to prevent the growth of renewal energy.  Energy sources that had better replace fossil fuel in the future for our generation of electricity.  People are going to continue to use electricity.  It is up to us now to replace the generation of electricity from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy.  Sources such as solar, wind  tides, biomass, all the forms of energy production that do not contribute harmful effects to our one and only environment.  I do not include nuclear fission energy since its waste is another large environmental problem. We must stop the emission of GHG into the environment in order to not  make worst the climate change that is presently happening due to what human have done since the beginning of the industrial age..  To ignore this problem makes no sense.  To deny this problem makes no sense.  Its completely irrational.  As Spock would say its illogical.

     In biology an organism or species goal is to live long enough in order to reproduce so that its species can continue.  It will do whatever it can it order to survive to reproduce.  But what happens when what it does to survive leads to its eventual death?  Does the organism or species change its behavior from a self destructive course in order to survive?  For some no, they will continue their addictive denial, irrational behavior and die.  Others will change in order to adapt and survive in their environment.  An enlightened species will change its behavior in order to adapt and even make its environment safer so that future generations will have an environment it which they can survive and evolve so that it will not get into a self destructive behavior.  Which organism are humans?  Addictive and self destructive or change its behavior in order to grow and flourish in a better environment?  Its up to humans to decide this path.

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