Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Oct. 30, 2013   MONEY

People say its all about the money, its not.  In our society money is a tool or means to obtaining a larger issue.  Reproduction.  All living things have a basic goal of reproduction (I am sure biologists have much more to say about this).  Money is a way to help one reproduce in our society.  Humans want a safe secure environment in which to reproduce.    That means that humans must have a secure source of money to have a safe environment for the foreseeable future.  The more money the safer the environment.  This is on the basic level.  This is also in generalities.  I leave it to the reader to think of situations this doesn't pertain to, and that's a bunch.

Love fits in here somewhere.

Then, of course the human also wants that person to be compatible (not an asshole). 

Also this can led to the situation of wanting more money to attract the best possible mate.

 Reproduction is the basis of our society as a whole, not money.   

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