Monday, November 4, 2013

Universal Health Care

As usual more noise from the republicans about ACA. is not the ACA (Obamacare).  Why are people against against health care insurance for people?  Surely they want people to have access to healthcare when needed, don't they?  Surely they want people to be able to have annual or semi-annual for some, health check ups by their primary care doctor, don't they?  Why against a benefit for people?

I know the republicans don't want government in the health care business. They want private business to do this sort of thing. We tried that and it didn't work for the elderly.  That's why we have Medicare.  If left to business they do what all successful business do and that is make a profit.  I'm not against profit, just the size of the profit. The implementation of medicare was before my time time but I'm guess ing medical insurance for the elderly was so expensive that most of them could not afford that insurance. Basically, the elderly were not profitable except at the highest rate.  Therefore the government stepped in and brought us Medicare.  I know Medicare has problems and I can write about that another day.

Why not Universal health care for all like all the industrialized countries on this planet have?  I know were America and have to do things our way.  But universal health care makes so much more sense and you think everyone would be for this program.  Companies should love it since they won't have to pay for medical benefits for its employees. States should love it for the same reason.  In fact I think some states like Montana are setting up there own health care systems for state employees. I read something about that online.  I should try to get back my old HTML skills so that I can have links.  Universal Health Care would be wonderful in the United States.  In all the years I lived in Canada I never heard people complaining about health insurance or even talking about it.  Going to the doctor was taken for granted and that's the way it was.  People didn't go bankrupt when they got cancer or other major medical problems.  You didn't lose everything you had if you got sick.  You got taken care of, it just wasn't thought about.

The people in the United States deserve as much.

But its the good versus the evil. I'm not sure how to put this into simple words but it like: those who only think of themselves versus those who think about us all.  Colleges teach courses on ethics that cover such thoughts.  In fact, I used to joke about business ethic classes, in that the class was one sentence "there are none".  Philosophy departments teach ethics classes.  I never took such classes, they are probably fascinating.  My parents had it right in saying "treat people the way you want to be treated". Or as that best seller said, everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten.  I still think kindergarten and grade school teachers, hell all teachers should be very highly paid, but that's another topic.

All people deserve the best their society has to offer.

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