Thursday, February 27, 2014

Idea for a SciFi Book/Movie:Computer Simulated Universe

This has to do with some theories that say our universe is a large computer simulation.  I've written about that in part of a post here .  I've posted it on Facebook.  Basically it is a theory that says that the universe that we observe all around us is actually a computer simulation.  Before you think I'm crazy some respected scientists take this serious.  This idea has also been thought about for years by various philosophers.   You can find this all over the net if you do a quick Google on computer simulated universe, herehere, here. If you checked some of these you will see I'm not completely crazy.  Recently I've read that there is now a possible experimental test to see if this might be true.  The idea is here.  It is basically based on patterns observed in lattice Quantum ChromoDynamics (QCD) calculations that come from  computer simulations of the reactions between quarks and gluons.    QCD  is the best model that we have for describing the strong nuclear force.  This theory has won a least one set of Nobel prizes.  They present in their proposal a signature that our universe is a computer simulation that might be observed in the cosmic microwave background (CMB). 
So the story  has a group of physics and philosophers talking about this idea and a group of theoreticians presenting this idea about an experimental test.   Because of the fame of various participants this meeting and what is discussed is presented in various media outlets.  But for some reason, the large media also begin to pick up on this story and its on the front page of the New York Times or maybe the Guardian to give it an international flavor.  Then again for some reason it gets on CNN.  The other large large networks pick it up and broadcast what the scientists and philosophers were talking about.  Now again somehow various fundamentalist religious groups pick up on this computer simulated universe story.   

Quick idea about a scifi book that could become a movie.  It follows along the lines of what has happened when some large new particle accelerator comes online, in that the accelerator will make a black hole and eat up the earth.  That kind of nonsense.  So anyways the fundamentalists get all upset that scientists think that they can test to see if God exists.  Some start to preach that this is blasphemous or something like that.  This concept begins to pick up across the nation.  Some of the religious folks pick this up as a possible proof of Intelligent Design but that we are not in a computer simulation.  Anyways this all leads to more discussion about science and religion and there place in public schools.  

In the movie we have a grad student in a theory group at a large University working on the state of the art lattice QCD calculations.  One of the possible outcomes is to get patterns in the calculations that could shown up in the newest CMB data.  He or she meets another grad student in computer science whose father is one of the big fundamental group's minister.  The computer science student is interested in the limits of what is computable.  These two students meet and are attracted to each other.  So the movie then plays along these lines.  The rest of the book can be filled in with whatever I sort of feel like or if its a movie what the executive producers wants.  I think it could be a neat movie.

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