Sunday, February 2, 2014

What is the Most Precious Thing an Individual Can Sell you?

What is the most precious thing a person can sell you?   What is your answer?

What do people sell you that is the most precious?  Your house?  Your old 1965 Ford Mustang?  Your jewelry?  Your food?  Your water, electricity. natural gas, heating oil, cable?  Your cellphone and its unlimited access to your friends and relatives, the internet and your business?  Their body?  What is your answer?  Think about it.

My answer is time.  The most precious thing that a person sells is their time.  A person has one life in which  to live.  One life and the time we have in our universe. When you take a job you are selling your time to your employer.  Your employer is the consumer, they are buying your time.  Your precious time, your life.  When you hire someone to do something you are buying their time.  No matter what the skill you are hiring them for, you are buying their time.

I guess that is also a part of falling in love with someone.  You want to spent your time with them.  I guess at some point it becomes a shared time.  I'm not saying love is a commodity to sell and barter and trade, but its wanting to be with someone else and for the sharing of time and all the experiences that come with it.  I don't know how to express this feeling in a romantic way that great writers and poets can do.

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