Thursday, November 28, 2013

Holiday Food Decision in the Past

While I try not to dwell on the past, this time of year makes me think about the two meals we used to have at either Thanksgiving or Christmas.  We would decide between two meals, one for Thanksgiving the other for Christmas.  One meal was the traditional turkey dinner (which has made an interesting evolution over the 22 years I've lived in Louisiana), the other was steak and lobster.  I say the decision was made, really it came down to Bernie and what she wanted to do since she did all the cooking.
The turkey dinner involved baking a stuffed (yes which people here termed "yankee stuffing") turkey, mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, lots and lots of gravy, steamed broccoli with cheese, small green bean casserole for Bernie (I started to eat a little more of it as time evolved, time does that you know), cranberry dressing for Bernie, that I didn't eat as time evolved. I'm sure I'm forgetting something.  This meal was amazing!!!! She made the best turkey dinners I've ever had in my life they were awesome.  The turkey was moist, the stuffing was just right (yes there was just the right amount of sage), cornbread dressing, I wanted to write stuffing but that's not right, perfect mashed potatoes and lots and lots of good thick gravy, and some broccoli for some green and good for you.  Truly awesome!!,  Bernie would later use the turkey carcass to make a big pot of turkey and sausage gumbo.  We ate turkey dinners for about two to three days after, then made turkey dinner plates, which were turkey meals which we then froze to make homemade turkey tv dinners.  A true feast.
Steak and lobster dinner sounds extravagant and I guess it is but you need to treat yourself every now and then.  You can find good steak on sale or in the old meat bin and the lobster were small lobsters in the meat counter that were like 5 dollars or so apiece.  Both the steak and lobster were grilled over charcoal.  Bernie said the lobster was done when the tail split open.  We would also have a baked potato with fake butter, sour cream and lots of pepper (which reminds me I really need to find a fresh pepper grinder, I've been looking for years, maybe Goodwill  will have one, ha interesting last few words), maybe broccoli also (broccoli is one of the few vegetables I like).  Of all the things you say as a kid that you will do when you get older, I hated vegetables as a kid and said I can't wait till I'm older.  Well when I left home I stopped eating the vegetables I hated as a kid.  I wanted to fly radio controlled airplanes as a kid either big gliders or gas powered airplanes.  When I had the income to do that I didn't.  I should have but didn't. Damn ol woulda, shoulda, coulda. Well maybe I will do that instead of playing golf.  Man I miss playing golf!!!! Damned don't have the $$$ to do airplanes now anyways. Well I listed myself on CraigsList as a Quantum Mechanic so who knows.

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