Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Infinity, Multiverse, String Theory and other stuff

Thinking about infinities lately.  The infinities I’m thinking of are:

1).  The number of universes that could be contained in the multiverse.  This assumes the multiverse is infinite in its extent in spacetime.
2).  Infinite number of universes of me from the many worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.  Actually, from me, is there an infinite number of universes of me based upon each universe could only be created after a time span of one Planck time (1 X 10^44 sec)?  No.  Our lives are like a movie with each frame separated by a Planck time. (Calculate frames in my lifetime). 
3).  Number of solutions to string theory is put at 10^500.  Not infinity but quite large.
4).  The various sizes of infinities.  Such as the whole numbers (1,2,3,4….) are infinite.  
Contained in the whole numbers are the even and odd numbers, each is infinite in number but are they smaller infinities than the whole numbers? Questions of sets of infinities.

I’ve been watching the Fabric of the Cosmos series and the last show was on the multiverse.  The multiverse arises in the inflation model which explains the expansion of the universe, among other problems.  The inflation model  predicted the patterns that have been observed in the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB).  How close is the prediction to the data? The program says inflation theory predictions are borne out by CMB data.  Alan Guth and others will get Nobel prizes in physics.  One interpretation of inflation from some Russians (Linde and Velelin (I know this name is spelled wrong)) says that if this inflation was non uniform then you have big bangs happening in many places in this expansion.  Then you have many universes forming, thus you have the multiverse.  You can then have an infinite number of these multiverses?  Each one of these could have its own laws of physics.  Now remember there is infinity of them so somewhere there is a universe with me in it but I’m a Baptist minister, one where I’m a republican, one where I stayed in Idaho.   From this interpretation there is a universe then than represents all the different paths that my life could have taken.  Is this related to the universes created from the many worlds interpreatation of QM?  Are these the same universes?  Where is the infinity of universes made from the many worlds?   An infinite number of universes of me that represent all the possible branches that I could have followed?  My paths.  Now this is then true for every individual.  They also have an infinite number of universes.  Each individual has an infinite number.  So just now an infinite for me and all other we have a set of infinites just for us humans now on this planet.  Does this set then sits inside a bigger set that contains all the other universes that are out there?  Infinite sets that sit inside of other infinite sets. 
I know I’m not expressing this very well since I never could write.  Is it possible to to test such comments? These observations have to occur in our observable universe.  These other infinite number of universes do they exist outside our observable universe?  If so we will never observe them.  So do they exist inside our observable universe?  If they did what experimental signature would they leave?
String theory has something like 10^500 versions with each version describing its own universe.  How each version describes its own universe I’d like to see this explained in more detail.  Are these versions of string theory related to all the universes created in the multiverse?  Does each of the solutions of string theory correspond to a universe created in the multiverse?  Susskind seemed to think they do.  If there are 10^500 universes from string theory does that limit the number made by the multiverse?  Or does the multiverse make more?  Or is this all just metaphysics since these universes are located outside our observable universe?
The program mentions that the multiverse is highly debated.  I hope so!  Any model with an infinite number of universes works.  Still no solution to why something from nothing. The best answer to this question I read today in the comments section of an article in Huffington post  reviewing Jim Holts book “Why Does the World Exits?” The post was from Sandalwood 29Aug2012 10:31 AM, it stated:
“nothing” in the QM context replaced with “immeasurable” so ‘something from nothing’ becomes the measurable emerges from the immeasurable.

This is the best answer I have seen yet that resolves this age old question.

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