Sunday, March 23, 2014

Its Hard Living in a Red State if Your a Liberal

Sometimes I can't help it but I get depressed.  I don't think its a mental problem.  Its a problem dealing with living in a world where people don't treat people like they are people.  Whatever happened to "love your fellow man", or as moms says "treat others the way you want to be treated"?  Why is there racism?  Why do people hate gay folks?  Why do people hate some people period?  I'm not talking about the simple use of  the word hate, like you hate your rival sports team.  I'm talking about vile hatred.  The kind of hatred where people want physical harm on other people.  I don't know maybe someone knows. I just don't know what is the answer.  It's not as simple as they are different than you.  I feel embarrassed since I  say I hate many different people, but I didn't want physical harm against them..  I should use a better word.  It's hard to break old habits

Why can't we as humans treat other humans better?

I guess this is related to problems I have living in the red state of Louisiana in which there isn't much tolerance for certain facts,  ideas and philosophy.  A variety of topics come to mind such as what is a good education, abortion, gay rights, racism, science, climate change, healthcare, gun control, pot legalization, treatment of the poor, immigration,  anything liberal.   The plain basic hatred of Obama here.   Basically the conservative republican philosophy.  Its difficult for me to live in this environment. .  I have problems with some of his policies, but I don't hate him.  Don't get me wrong I have friends here and get treated well by them.   I have this theory of people going back to where they grew up.  Its not true for all people of course, but I think I know why this is a trend.  I think of moving all the time back to California or Oregon.  I just might do that. I've lived in my house almost 20 years now.  Longer than any single place where I have ever lived.  I've never lived in a single state for more than 10 years.  I like my house and yard.  I don't like cold and snow.  It just would be nice to live where the majority of folks and I have closer opinions on topics.  I know that people disagree on topics.  I guess sometimes I just don't understand why the differences are so large here.  These are differences along the lines of the following questions.  Why can't we have a better educated population?  Why can't we have an equal school system for all?  Why can't a woman decide what she wants with her body?   Why can't gay folks get married?  Why can't everyone be treated equal?  What's wrong with accepting science and the results of science? The teaching of intelligent design in Louisiana schools is not science its religion.  Its an embarrassment.  This I just had to mention.   Why can't everyone have the same healthcare?  Why can't we have reasonable gun control?  Why all the NSA spying?  Why all the spending on the defense industry?  Why do working people have to live in poverty?  I could go on and on.  But sometimes its just depressing living here.

It's not that I think everyone should agree with me on topics that I have mentioned.  I know that people disagree with other people and they always have.  But not to the point of forcing your views upon how someone has to live their life.  People shouldn't force their religious views on others.  People shouldn't force their world viewpoint on others.  I know that elections should have have results.  But why can't we have fair elections?  No lying, money influence, cheating.  Fair open honest simple elections.   This is for the whole world.  Its just depressing.  

Why can't we as a society treat others as we would like to be treated?  Why do people lie, cheat, steal  to get what they want?

Why can't humans treat humans better?  We all live on this same little blue planet.      

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