Thursday, March 20, 2014

Employers Who Pay Minimum Wage Should be Ashamed

I shouldn't even think about this topic because its not good for my blood pressure, my mental state and my desire to try to live a calm peaceful life.  But hearing people arguing over the minimum wage just plain really bothers me.  I had a post recently and also asked the following question on Facebook "What is the most precious thing an individual can sell you?"  I didn't get any comments on the post and few if any on Facebook.  My answer to the question is time.  The most precious thing is time.  That is what employers are buying from their employees.  Employers should be ashamed to be buying a persons time at the minimum wage in the US.  Paying minimum wage is immoral.  Particularly if the employer is much better off financially than their employee.    If a person is going to sell their time to an employer that employer should be able to pay a decent livable wage or not be in business. Employers should not take advantage of people for their own personal gain.  Again that is immoral.

A person making the minimum wage of $7.25/hr working 40 hours a week makes $290 per week or $1,160 a month.  Think about that.  A person selling their time gets paid for working full time $1,160 and that before taxes.  So someone works hard and gets that small amount of money every month.  Do you want to live on that amount?  After taxes, that person is making less than $250 a week for working full time!  For selling     to their employer their precious time in order to survive. Survive week after week with possibly  little chance of getting out of that existence.  Humans shouldn't have to live like that.

I hear employers say that their employee should be lucky to have a job.  I think it's the other way around.  The employer should be happy to have the employee. The employer makes his/her money from the work that the employee does.  The employer should be happy to have the employee.

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