Friday, March 14, 2014

Universal Health Care is the Human Thing to Do!!

I've been meaning to write about this for awhile but as usual with me it took something to really make me bitch about something to make me finally write something up, even though I can't write worth a crap.  I'll write about my inability to write another time.

The event was my finally getting an MRI done on my back.

First I'm happy that ACA finally arrived and I was able to get health insurance so that I could go to my primary care doctor to get an MRI scheduled.  Finally after what went on to  get an MRI (that  is worth of another ranty post) it got done, which on Wednesday I then got the news what it means.  Anyways the two MRI images cost me $600 out of my pocket.  WOW!  I asked what my insurance paid and was told by the receptionist $2400!!.  "For what?" I said.  "To be analyzed" she said.  The $3000 is another post altogether but what about the $600?  I've had good jobs so I had $600 saved.  What about other folks not so fortunate?  I don't know how to put into words the idea I'm trying to get through. It's wonderful that more people have health insurance.  But what happens when their out pocket costs for tests and treatment become too expensive to pay for?  If I can remember correctly the ACA sets a limit on how much a person has to spend on health care in one year.  Again I think that limit is in the neighborhood of 10%.  Also those last two sentences could be wrong.   But again what if that person can't afford that 10% what happens?  How does that person get the care that they need?  It's unclear to me since I'm ignorant on the subject and should spend more time researching it than studying new results from physics that interest me.

Here's what really get me, and its not just health care, its all over life,  all over the planet.  An example.  Its a professional football game, a player gets injured.  The team physician wants X-rays.  The stadiums have X-ray machines.  They do the necessary X-rays.  From these the Dr. wants an MRI done on the players back and neck.  The player gets that done.  Is the player charged $600?  The Dr. says surgery is needed.  Does the player pay a percentage of the cost?  I'm guessing not,  its in the players contract that the team pays all medical expenses for the player.  Why can't the same be true for the fans in the stands at the game?  For the fans at home watching the game on TV?  Why can't the fans have this same health coverage?  Same question as to why can't the fans have the same health coverage as folks in Congress?  Why are they so special?  We are all humans we all deserve to be treated the same don't we?  I know that people say that's life's not fair.  My answer has always been why not?  Everyone should get the same health care as everyone else.  Its the human thing to do.

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