Thursday, June 26, 2014

Interesting Topics That I Could Spend My Life Studying, revised 8-27-14

This is a list of  various things I wonder about.  I was once told that I sound like the late Andy Rooney when I talk so maybe I should just say "do you ever wonder why?"

Why is there something instead of nothing?

Where does the calculation take place in a qubit or a group of qubits that are entangled?

What is dark energy really or does it just come from wrong assumptions in  cosmological models?

Same thing for dark matter.


How do you calculate a carbon tax?

Personal medical computer data

Problems with quantum mechanics, (I'm  not smart enough to figure this one out.)

Complexity Theory and its application to solve problems.  Problems in all areas, science and society in particular.

What's termed the really hard problem: Consciousness

Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising, why do we need such crap, and why we put up with it?

Failure of education on all levels (of course there are exceptions)

Why morals and ethics are not talked about as much.

I understand why many are so short sighted but how do you get people to also response to the distant future and that what we do now effects our future?

Why religion?

Why don't we all get along?

How to convince people that we need to switch to renewable energy?

I have to include this even through I'll never be able to solve it.  Writing down from fundamental theory say QCD the equation that describes the nuclear force in a nuclear medium.

So many  more questions, and solutions are not simple, but something has to be done. Ug and Ugess bashing stones together won't work.

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