Saturday, June 7, 2014

Some Cool Newish Physics Ideas

What I mean from the title are ideas in physics that might help physics advance to that next step or possibly even much farther.   By newish I mean that some of these ideas have been around for awhile but were not mainstream physics 10-20 years ago.  This is not a complete list it just shows what some of my interests are and where I have been reading online mainly.  What can be really useful is to find a grad student,  postdoc or faculty member in some of these areas who blogs about these topics.

A good place to  find interesting stuff is:

Quantumfrontiers   This is a site by Caltech's Institute for Quantum Information and Matter. If you are interested in quantum computers this is an excellent site. Some neat stuff contained at this site are:
          Entanglement = Wormholes  Material by John Preskill on ER =EPR , blackholes, firewalls, wormholes and entanglements of quantum states.  Lots of good links to other posts and papers.  The comment section is good.  More discussion of the firewall paradox is further down in this post.
           Theory of Everything  Starting out trying to build a theory of everything on a fundamental level.  Interesting.

Constructor Theory  This is the arxiv blog post on David Deutsch's new theory on information to be used as to underlying to physics.  Based on possible and impossible.  I'm still reading this paper.  The paper on arxiv is

Relating thermodynamics to quantum mechanics is the Quanta article.  It has links to Phys. Rev paper and arxiv papers.  This is a theory linking thermodynamics to quantum entanglement.  The online publication Quanta has lots of wonderful new physics articles.  Some cool articles are:
            Topological qubit  Experimental work to make a quantum computer a reality.
            Origin of Life According to Physics

Sean Carroll's new paper on vacuum fluctuations in cosmology.  I've never understood what causes vacuum fluctuations in the first place, Carroll says they don't happen unless there is an observation.  This is based on his use of the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of quantum mechanics.  Ah yes, MWI and its creation of another multiverse that is completely not falsifiable.  There is no experimental evidence for the MWI and its unclear if there ever will be.  I have not heard of any definitive test of MWI.  Science or metaphysics?

Which is a lead into Cosmic Conudrums  When cosmologists are stuck call in philosophers.

Leonard Susskind embraces  computational Complexity. This is an article in Nature.  It talks about Susskinds work on trying to solve the black hole firewall problem  Another good Scientific American  firewall paper is here  A topic that folks working on quantum gravity like to think about as mentioned earlier.  This again is related to information theory being used in physics.

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