Sunday, June 22, 2014

Treasure Trove of Explanations About BICEP2 Results

Here are some articles that describe the BICEP2 data and results.  Tjey expalin primordial gravitational waves and early universe cosmology.

Discussion of some Phys Rev Lett papers

Explanation of BICEP2 Phys Rev Lett paper by Lawrence Krauss


This last article would be great for undergraduate physics majors to read and go over point by point and understand the concepts being used such as "what is a quantum fluctuation?", deeper study of the theory of inflation and more.  Many different physical concepts are presented in this article, and it is a treasure trove.

From Peter Woit blog.  This has useful links to the BICEP2 newly published paper and more.

Not Even Wrong

I'll add more as I come along them

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